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OC-Frames by UWfan-Tomson
So there is an MMO called Warframe…  . Awesome stuff! I had a lot of fun with it and thought it would be fun to turn my OCs into warframes. :3 This was months ago...^^; I didn't have much time to work on these but I liked the idea enough to actually finish 4 of them. Here are the descriptions and their abilities:

Yuzu: Low Speed, HP and Armor, but high Shield and Energy

1) Dive: Yuzu disappears under the floor under a surface of water. This way she's undetectable by unalerted enemies, and enemies targeting her run into melee range and try to shoot into the water. This ability ends as soon as she does anything else but moving.

2) Holo clones: Yuzu creates holographic images of herself for a short time distracting enemies. The holograms follow her but do nothing else.

3) Control: Yuzu takes control of an enemy until this enemy dies or until this ability is cancelled. Her body is motionless during this but can still take damage.

4) Wave of betrayal: Yuzu creates a wave around her trapping enemies into spheres of water. These enemies take damage over time and Yuzu is paralyzed until this ability is cancelled or she runs out of Energy. If she activates this ability while she has trapped enemies they will be set free and they'll become allies until dead or until a warframe attacks them.

Katane: High Speed and very high HP, but low Armor, Shield and Energy

1) Show off: A powerful single target melee attack causing nearby enemies to flee or be paralyzed for a short time.

2) Leap: A long range aimed jump to get to places where a normal jump wouldn't be enough.

3) 9 lives: Katane's Shield goes down to zero, but her max health is multiplied by 9. This ability ends and her shield recharges as soon as her HP goes below her normal max HP. 

4) Formidable Challenge: Katane challenges all enemies in a large area to drop their ranged weapons and attack her with melee weapons. While this ability is active her shield is down to zero, she can only use her melee weapon and she can't leave the area. She is also the main target for all challenged enemies. This ability is active until every affected enemy is defeated or until Katane dies.

Skima: High HP and Armor, medium Speed, low Shield and Energy

1) Walk of piece: Skima creates an area around her where damage can not be caused or received. Only actions available inside this area are walking, interacting and reviving.

2) Friendly support: Raises a targeted ally's armor by 50% for a short time. On melee range she also restores 30% of her own HP and the target's HP. For this the two need to have physical contact with each other for a moment.

3) Unleashed: Skima puts her weapons away to fight with her bare fists for a short time. She causes 50% of her melee weapon damage, but the target is turned into a living projectile and sent flying causing damage to everything they hit. Her jump attack creates a powerful shockwave sweeping away all enemies in a large area. She's also immune to damage while this ability is active.

4) Self sacrifice: Skima extends her arms to her sides taking all damage coming from the direction she's facing protecting everyone standing behind her. Her protected allies receive an equal amount of HP to the damage she takes. Skima can't attack until this ability is cancelled.


Valeria: Very high Speed, high Energy, low HP, Armor and Shield

1) Scratches: Every enemy getting too close is blinded for a short amount of time by Val's lightning fast paws.

2) Agility: Her Shield goes to zero, but her Speed is multiplied by 3 for a short time. She can also run around on walls while this ability is active.

3) Highway: Valeria rips a path into spacetime creating a road on which her allies can travel twice as fast as normally, easily traversing obstacles. Enemies touching this path will be sent flying in the paths direction.

4) God speed: Val travels to where her crosshair is pointing with such a high speed, that it seems like she's teleporting. Only sign proving that she actually physically travelled the distance is the massive tail wind she creates that sends everything flying that isn't nailed to the ground. Enemies crashing into walls or into each other take damage.


Poohhh! Lots of text! Probably lots of bad grammar too. ^^; But this was creeping around in my mind for months now so I had to get rid of it. Thanks for reading it until now and I hope it was interesting. Maybe I could even inspire someone? :D
New OC-Klara by UWfan-Tomson
New OC-Klara
My New OC Klara. Bought from Storm and changed a bit. Here's the original: 
I think I overdid her abs a bit. I was studying muscles before I drew her. But she is pretty muscular so I don't mind. :3
I hope you like her! :D


Composed by Storm-X/ThantosEdge/Josh Ford

Basic Facts:

Age: 1 (in clone years)
Gender: Female
Full Name: TEM-68 (Later named Klara)
Nickname: Gatling Hand, Tem
Species: Homo Sapiens Clone (Syndicate elite-Tempest type)
Creation Date: November 17
Creation Place: Syndicate Base under Balaton, The Sea of Hungary
Creator: Syndicate Scientists

Physical Features:

Hair Color: Black and Yellow
Tattoo Color: Red 
Eye Color: Yellow
Height: 6'6" (198 cm)
Weight: No one knows, as she's mowed down who's asked
Body Type: Tall and buff
Blood Type: Unknown


 - Higher strength due to the Tempest Program
 - Enhanced durability due to the Tempest Program
 - Nearly bulletproof skin
 - High resistance to desiese, temperature, pain, physical damage


 - Klara's right arm has been replaced with a modified XMB-500 Minigun, able to fire a wide variety of 7.62x51mm ammo types at a rate of fire around 2400 RPM, holds 200 rounds in a drum mag. In addition her mechanical hand is strong enough to fold steel plates.


 - Higher than average IQ, for a Tempest anyways.
 - Good swimmer, despite the heavy weapon.
 - Slightly higher than average breath-hold time at 3 minutes.
 - Extremely high stamina
 - Superhuman strength
 - Good with repairing her arm and other weapons


Orientation: Pansexual (due to A-Virus)
Turn On's: Big guns (and not just the weapons. ;) (Wink) ), masochism, aquaphilia
Turn Off's: Being asked about her weight, short people, small/fragile things


Traits: Gun-ho, cocky, determined, 

Overview: An unsuccessful Syndicate Project turned Rouge, Klara is forced to shed her past in order to work for someone who's not planning to eliminate her.

Personal Goal: Be a successful bounty hunter.


Likes: Big Guns, benchpressing, swimming, shooting things, exercising, Tinkering on her arm or on weapons
Dislikes: Puny weapons, small stuff, lazy stuff, being asked about her weight, waiting
Favorite Food: Meat (as long as it's big and full of proteins she really doesn't care what kind of meat)
Favorite Drink: Energy drinks
Favorite Color: Yellow
Favorite Music: heavy metal


 - While having a slightly higher than Average IQ, she's still gullible and slow
 - Requires painkillers every so often due to her minigun causing slow nerve damage


Ex-Syndicate, Drifter, wanting to be a gun for hire, or bounty hunter.

Known Languages:

English, Russian, Hungarian

Misc. Info:

Driver's License: No
Current Attire: Black and gold one piece, goggles over her hair
Current Residence: Drifter


Not a day goes by that new clones for the Syndicate are being made, it's a constant process to keep their troops from being completely wiped out, even after the events of Alkema, there are still a few bases in operation, hidden away.

One of those places is the Balaton Base in Hungray, where one day, some of the Syndicate scientists had an idea, they began experimenting with one of the Tempest troops and not only gave her some better intelligence, but they also replaced her right arm with a high powered minigun.

The result was Klara, the first Tempest Troop who had a brain, however, she woke up screaming in pain, forcing the scientists to give her painkillers to sedate the massive pain in her arm. While the painkillers helped, they dulled her mind, the only reason she had her minigun arm installed. She was a failed experiment.

Klara learned how to be a killer with her minigun arm, she also learned about the Syndicate's plans. Having a drugged minion wasn't in the Syndicates interest, but having a tempest going berserk because of pain was even less desirable. They wanted to get rid of her, but killing a tempest isn't easy. She overheard the scientist talking about the best possible method to eliminate her. At least one that would involve the least casulties...

Klara took some minigun ammo from the supply room and began to mow down those would oppose her, and headed for the nearest escape pod that could fit her tall body, if she was to be caught, she would've been executed for her crimes.

However, Klara made it and escaped to the surface in Hungary, where she began her new life, all while having people stare at her minigun arm. Working for the maffia or fighting terrorists, she takes whatever job she can to stand on her own feet.

But life on the surface isn't easy, especially as a Syndie, while some don't mind her being a former syndicate, some still think that Clara is still a Syndie and have either fled or tried to attack her, with disastrous results.

Plus, Klara's arm needs constant painkillers and she's forced to steal from Hospitals, much to her chagrin. 

And she still has to deal with constant Syndicate attacks. Sometimes ones with numerous elites trying to kill her. 

Klara is neither good nor evil, she acclaims to be a gun for hire to those who are willing to pay for her services...
Congrats Storm/ThantosEdge
So Storm-X has 70k views and ThantosEdge has 10k views. (same person) So this is a little congrats pic for his 70 and 80k views. A bit late, but better late than never.
Congratulations Storm! Hope you have 100k soon! :D

Carri and Erika (c) Storm-X/ :iconthantosedge:

pose refs used:……
Prima Surface
Finally fresh air! Tentacruel helps her staying on the surface. Crabby is still helping... in his own way...

Prima and pokemon (c) Nintendo

...No she's just taking a deep breath. 
Several people asked me if I have it so I decided to get it. Can't promise to be on a lot or pay too much attention to it but if you're interested

My Skype name is       TamasBakosBT  
(My name and my initials. Not the best choice but didn't have a better idea. :shrug: )

My e-mail is     

I hope everyone who asked finds this because I can't remember who did. ^^;


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I'm a guy from Hungary, drawing pics, making animation and games as a hobby. Look around in my gallery to see what I like! :D

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