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Old OC Rea
Rea is one of my oldest OCs (seen on the pic to the right and here Another ninja ). I didn't pay much attention to her since her creation, but I'm planning to change that.

Short story:
Rea is a ninja assassin (a ninja killing mercenary of sorts) who was hired by the Syndicate to kill or capture Yuzu. Having no other experience with nijas other than Seaninjas they expected her to be an expert in underwater combat. She wasn't. She couldn't even swim well so Yuzu had an easy fight with her. 
Finding her amusing she decided to capture her and bring her to the seaninja village. The village elders decided to keep her as a prisoner while trying to figure out a way of convincing her to join them. She is strong and brave and has a reputation most wouldn't even believe. Better to have her as a friend they thought. But she is also proud and stubborn so she refused to cooperate.
But she did seem to behave differently when Yuzu was around while Yuzu was of course interested in her. The elders decided to send her on small missions with Yuzu and it worked. Turns out she has strong masochistic tendencies and she likes Yuzu's cruel little games. She of course denies it but it's hard to lie to someone if that someone can read your mind.
Since then she is in a love/hate relationship with Yuzu. Frenemies. She is only allowed out of her cell when Yuzu brings her along, and only while wearing heavy shackles to keep her from reaching the surface. She is not allowed to go to land and never to see the sky until she joins them. This way she can't get away too far from Yuzu who is her main source of air. >:3 Knowing Yuzu she makes sure Rea can enjoy her masochistic tendencies and improve her breathholding skills at the same time...

Serious, diligent, talented, strong, sometimes sarcastic but mostly humorless and proud. She denies it but she's also a masochist which could be the reason that she agreed to follow Yuzu. She occasionally makes attempts to escape, but she's not trying too hard. She's also a bad swimmer which would make her escape from the bottom of the ocean especially difficult...

I hope you like her! :D I'm planning to show more of ther in the near future.
Balmung for Klara
Klara is currently my newest OC so she deserved a bit of attention. She likes big guns and that's what she gets! XD Storm suggested that she might like the rocket louncher from Unreal Tournament and I agreed. So I copied it and Syndified it a bit and now she's the satisfied owner of this beast clearly too big for a normal mortal. She decided to call it Balmung after the sword from the norse mythology. The description of the sword is:
" Odin stabbed the Branstock tree, an oak tree in the Volsung palace, with Balmung. Odin then said that he who could pull the sword from the tree is destined to win in battle." So in short if you can use this you can kick lotsa ass! XD
Not my best work but nice for a quick pick. I hope you like it! :D
Prima from Pokemon Saved by her new friends is going home. Looks like she has some more pokemon in her collection now. They seem to like her a lot! :D Plus she needs something to replace her swimsuit until she can get some clothes.
Silver Sable (c) Marvel floating on the surface. Is she playing dead or does she need mouth to mouth? Find out in the next episode of (insert name of cartoon)! I would watch it! XD
Halloween 2015 by UWfan-Tomson
Halloween 2015
I came back from the grave to say happy Halloween....
Nah I'm not dead. I was just inactive because I had some problems for the last few months (I'll probably write about it in a few days) and I avoided messages and notes. Didn't draw much either but I'm planning to change that. I'm going to post some more new pics in the near future but it's pretty late already and I expect guests tomorrow. Have to go to bed soon... Have to go back to my grave until the midnight of Halloween! >:3
I hope you guys like the pic. It's a bit rushed but I wanted to post it anyways. Maybe I'll update it if I find the time to work some more on it and write some more info about it. Wanna guess who's who? :3
Several people asked me if I have it so I decided to get it. Can't promise to be on a lot or pay too much attention to it but if you're interested

My Skype name is       TamasBakosBT  
(My name and my initials. Not the best choice but didn't have a better idea. :shrug: )

My e-mail is     

I hope everyone who asked finds this because I can't remember who did. ^^;


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I'm a guy from Hungary, drawing pics, making animation and games as a hobby. Look around in my gallery to see what I like! :D

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